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Amend neighbourhood subdivision standards (inculuding consideration of site- specific application) and consider alternate site configurations, such as panhandle lots, to enable the development of smaller houses on smaller lots in existing detached residential areas (see Map1).

Applicant hosted preliminary public information meeting 

  1. Meeting time : 26th of November 2021 at 3:30pm vancouver
  2. Link of web page:
  3. Link of meeting:
  4. Meeting ID: 948 8236 2841
    Passcode: XDr35a


  • Hello and welcome to the virtual public information meeting for 875&885 Jefferson avenue .
  • This public information meeting provides a chance for us to describe our proposed building, answer your questions and hear your feedback at the detailed application stage which helps to improve the final design of the project.
  • We are conducting this meeting in advance of submitting a development application to honer your comments and concerns about subdivision of 2 lots into 4 lots.
  • this preliminary application meeting is not a district function meeting , the council may propose a meeting at a later time.
  • Here is the information to reach the applicant on behalf of Giva construction inc and Jim Fraser the owner of 885 Jefferson 


Applicant name and contact:

Ben Basirat

 875 Jefferson avenue west vancouver V7t2a3 

Contact number: (604) 3638433

Email address:


To ask question or provide comment to the District, please contact the file planner, Kaelin Koufogiannakis, at kaelin."

or (604) 921-2915  


Architectural design narrative and design intent

                  For 875 and 885 Jefferson Avenue, West Vancvouver, BC

       Dated: Oct 27th 2021           PN: BC3221


Project Response to Official community plan and urban Design Principals

Kumar Architecture is commissioned by the client to subdivide the two oversized lots into four smaller lots. This application is for the two lots located at 875 and 885 Jefferson Avenue, West Vancouver. Both these lots are adjoining lots in the Ambleside neighborhood. The intent is to go along with the existing neighborhood's transition plan and help follow the official community plan to replaced old homes on an oversized lots with new homes on the smaller lots.

The subdivided lots are 875- A (a lot area of 564 sq.mts), 875-B (a lot area of 575 sq.mts), 885-A (a lot area of 545 sq.mts) and 885-B (a lot area of 555 sq.mts). These all follow the OCP guidelines and are bigger than the required minimum lot sizes. Once the subdivision is approved the design approach is to have the development of these houses to comply with the Low-Carbon Energy System pathway and will meet Step 4 with a Low Carbon Energy System of the high-performance homes.

With the step code 4 bonus we are allowed to have a maximum FAR of 246.48 sq.mts and for these lots we have an average of 214.4 sq.mts of areas which are equal to the allowable floor area ration of 0.35 times the site area plus the step code bonus. This also follows the new Neighborhood character working group (NSWG) recommendations to have reduced building size. We also follow the other recommendation not only to reduce the actual building size but also limit visual impact of building as seen from the street, in our design we encourage the landscaping to enhance the overall design.

The maximum Site Coverage (for lots less than 664 m2) is 40%. And with a BC Step Code 4 bonus it will be 41.6% of a given lot, but in our design, we are limiting it to addition 4% less that the required and the new site coverage is 37.2% of the site area for lot 875-B, 37.9% FOR 875-A, 38.5% for 885-B and 39.2% for the 885-A lot. For zoning details please refer to our drawings site plan all units AIOIA.

Building design and architectural standards

The architectural theme of this development is to follow the housing options suitable for average income groups still have all the benefits of the living in the mature neighborhood. These are four houses and is deemed to be suitable for the couples, seniors, and young families and is based on the West Vancouver-land use and development plan.

Following are some of the features that helps understand the design intent more closely and explains how developing four lots aligns with the Official Community Plan and the positive benefits this development will have on the neighbourhood.

  1. Entrance
  2. Roof Forms and Massing
  3. Architectural Expression
  4. Windows
  5. Outdoor Living Areas
  6. Parking
  7. Accessibility / Adaptability
  8. 'Green' Building Features



a. Entrance

  1. Since the house has receding slope from the street level, it has given the design an opportunity to use the slope and make an easily identifiable entrance.
  2. Although each house has a different color scheme, but just make it ease and identify easily, each house has got a separate-colored door and a separate-colored garage doors with different landscape treatments while entering the lot. iii. It is recommended to have a nice patio lighting to lead the steps form the street to the entrance while in the weather when the sun sets early.

b. Roof Forms and Massing

  1. These four houses are made with similar staggered roof and the staggering of the roof helps to have skylight into the space.
  2. Both at the back and in the front, we created an interested design element by making the garage roof flat but can be used as a patio for small gatherings and at the rear to give an outdoor patio of the house owners.
  3. The design will help alleviate the street scape of the neighborhood by providing new houses while maintaining the mountain views of all houses. The height of he houses does not exceed the height limits as per the zoning requirements and does not obstruct the views.


  1. Architectural Expression
    1. The architectural design of these houses are cotemporary and more modern in nature but the finishes are all very similar yet different to give individual identity of each and every house.
    2. All the houses has a neutral palette of building materials and chosen with a combination of Hardie plank, metal, and concrete/stucco finish to give a visual treat to the passerby and the residents living in the house. A wide array of visual interest is created by undulating roof heights and varied massing of the building facades. iii. The building lines are made very simple and by using different materials including glass to provide a visual interest on all facades.
  2. Windows
    1. Being in small lot there is always a challenge to place the windows on the site wall. Here in these lots the side wall windows of the houses has made such that a special consideration so as to give a ample privacy and each and every house. They are placed in such a way not to compromise each other privacy.
    1. Careful attention should be given to window placement, orientation, and sizing and an energy advisor is recommended to hire to identify the location and design of windows to optimally suited to climate. The use of skylights, clerestory windows, or obscured glazing is also considered.


  3. Outdoor Living Areas
    1. The houses has ample provide amenity areas to enjoy the livability. Both on the south side and the north side there are outdoor patio to gain the outdoor into indoor.
    2. It is recommended that these decks both on the north and south facade should have screening to overlook onto adjacent properties.
  4. Parking
    1. All four lots has an accessibility from front and are provided with two car garage from the street access, if required later this can also accommodate 2 regular and 2 tandem stalls within each lot.
    2. To create an interested look and not to show the bulk of the mass, all the four houses the Garage doors visible from the street are designed to have a single car entry door and articulated to minimize their visual appearance with sensitive detailing and use of limited glazing.
    3. In all the four houses it is recommended to use the permeable material like the concrete pavers for the driveway, however the final design is left on the landscape Architect to design at the next design stage.
    4. By making double car garage in each suite and also making additional 2 car tandem parking it helps reduce the congestion on the street roads and owners are encouraged to park their vehicles inside the house rather than on the street.
  5. Accessibility / Adaptability
    1. All the four-house design has the similar design keeping the accessibility in mind. One bedroom (guest room at present) is provided on the main floor of the house to help provide for accessibility/adaptability to meet changing household needs as the time passes.
    2. Due to the steep site slopes in these four homes, there is an option available to the owners to have an addition secondary unit on the lower level to help them financially. This also booster then to stay longer in these smaller but nice units and helps accommodate older residents in the same neighbourhood for longer time.
    3. 'Green' Building Features

In these four house designs, the design incorporates the green features to further reduce the energy consumption and help lower gas emission.

All the four houses follow the six Basic Strategies that cost-effectively boost

performance of the house. They are

  1. To boost insulation, with this design we will try to reduce heat loss, increase insulation in walls, floors, roof, and foundation.
  2. To ventilate more effectively, in the new design we will bring plenty of fresh air into the home and recover heat from the exhaust air leaving the building.
  3. Use more smart machines, we will specify efficient appliances, and ensure the heating system will meet — but not exceed — the home's needs. These could include right-sized, coordinated, high-efficiency mechanical components included in-floor heating, furnace, heat recovery ventilator and smart thermostats.
  4. Stop Bridges break, we will specify the insulation to minimize the insulations bridges that carries heat straight out of the house. Especially at the corners, junctions, gaps, and stud locations. These houses will be recommended to be built with standard 2x8 construction and helps reduces thermal bridging and discourages heat loss to the outdoors
  5. To seal the air leaks by wrapping the homes tightly, taking care to seal around ducts, pipes, fixtures, and wires that pass-through walls, ceilings, and roof. We will involve an energy advisor early on to identify a combination of design elements optimally suited to climate in Ambleside, west Vancouver, balance design features and materials selection to optimize energy efficiency, budget & preferences.
  6. And lastly, we will use the high energy performance doors and windows with adequate size and at right location, this could be with the recommendation of triple pane windows. 

Ben Basirat / Giva Groups

TEL: 604-363-8433